About Raoul Fraser

Wealth Management

Renewable Energy

Raoul Fraser is an accomplished financial services professional based in the United Kingdom with a growing presence in the renewable energy sector. Fraser served as a Wealth Manager with Goldman Sachs for over 10 years and currently sits as the Director on a number of renewable energy projects throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom.


Wealth Management

Raoul Fraser’s path within the financial services industry began at an early age, when he began investing in financial markets at just 14 years old. In his most recent role, Fraser helped run one of the largest wealth management teams in Europe, totalling over two billion dollars in assets across a 25 person client base.

Fraser understands that the most component of effective service in wealth management is trust. To grow business, complete and total commitment to clients is non-negotiable. As such, wealth management is a natural fit for Fraser, as he is an extremely personable professional who enjoys meeting people and nurturing relationships.

His passion for building partnerships extends well beyond the client-facing side of the business. Raoul Fraser ran the graduate training programs in wealth management for new hires, and was heavily involved in the recruitment processes.


Renewable Energy

Raoul Fraser is a dedicated advocate of renewable energy, specifically projects involving hydroelectric and solar power. For nearly two years, Fraser has played an instrumental role in the construction of various renewable energy project throughout Scotland. He has also helped coordinate various projects throughout the United Kingdom, and he looks forward to growing the number solar projects in the near future.

Fraser is a Director and shareholder of three solar schemes that were connected in March 2016, and total 14.5MW. Raoul Fraser sourced the transactions and helped oversee the construction of the sites and financing by Close Brothers. He also played a major role with both Solar Developments and SPD2, supporting the construction of the 3rd largest solar site in the UK-Scottow Moor at RAF Coltishall. Raoul Fraser provided critical input to the financing and general management of the project.

In addition to his work in solar energy, Raoul Fraser is also a Co-owner and Director of Alf Burn Hydro, a 100KW/H hydro scheme, and Director of Glassburn Hydro, a 500KW/H scheme, both of which are located in Inverness, Scotland.



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