The term “side hustle” is thrown around quite a lot by entrepreneurs and anyone with the drive to make additionally monthly income. Wouldn’t it be nice to take home an extra $500 a month? It sounds great on paper, but is often a lot of work. Most side hustles require 15-25 hours of work a week. It’s essentially a part-time job on top of your full-time job. If you have the tenacity, it’s well worth the work. To get the creative juices flowing, here’s a list of some side hustles you can start today:

Amazon/eBay Store

People all over are making a ton of money reselling items online. Setting up an eBay or Amazon store takes little time at all. Once that’s done, get out there and buy items in bulk, for cheap. Turn around and sell them on your online store for a profit.


Are you going away for the weekend or have an extra bedroom in your house? Put your house to work for you and rent it out on AirBnB. It’s super easy to make a listing and once you do, people come to you! All you need to be is a great host and you’ll be making extra money before you know it.


Fiverr is a simple way to make extra money quickly. You’ll start out with basic projects that pay less than $5, after fees. Continue to do good work and you’ll move on up to higher paying projects.The best part is, Fiverr has something for everyone! Simply pick the service or talent you’re great at and offer it up to the community.


Using your own car to make some extra cash is a pretty sweet deal. The rideshare apps provide you with flexibility, convenience, and choices! Do you want to mainly be taking business people and travelers to the airport? All you have to do is hang out around the airport and you’ll be pinged from nearby passengers. Maybe you want to make sure people make it home safe after a few drinks and make money while doing it. With a Uber or Lyft, it’s simple.


Not everyone is blessed with the ability of being Mr. Fixit. If you happen to be good with your hands, use them to pad your wallet. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and social media to offer up your handyman services – for a fee of course. Start fixing leaky faucets, installing ceiling fans, or painting rooms. Household projects garner a pretty penny and you can feel good about helping out friends and family at the same time.


Another great source of extra income is tutoring. Everyone has at least one subject that they excelled in, why not take that knowledge and cash in on it. Look for tutoring organizations and apply for a part-time position there. If you want to be able to charge a little more and trust your networking skills, tutor privately. It will be a little more work to get clients, but you can charge whatever rate you see fit.