Making spending cuts can often be a difficult thing for many people to do. We become accustomed to living a certain lifestyle, but that doesn’t always line up with the income coming through the door. If you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, it may be a good idea to cut out unnecessary spending. IN order to get you started, here are a few areas to take a look at and examine where you can pull back from.


The first category to discuss is entertainment. Everyone spends money in this area and it’s easy to overspend. If you’re having fun, it’s easier to justify spending the money. The only way to combat this is to take a hard look at your entertainment specific spending. It might come as a shock to actually see how much you’re spending. Once you’ve identified problem areas, cut back on how often you’re spending or set a firm budget. Holding yourself more accountable will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Eating In

Eating out is typically an expensive spending habit. It may not seem like $10 a few times a week adds up, but it truly does. Packing lunches and eating in is something you can do to quickly cut spending and have extra room in your budget. Not to mention, eating in provides you with healthier choices, so your personal health will be positively impacted too!


When it comes to transportation, expenses can add up rather quickly. Every car you own has to be insured, paid off, maintained, and filled with gas. There are a couple things you can do in order to lower your spending in the transportation category. The first is keeping up with regular maintenance. This may sound counterproductive, but taking excellent care of your car is what prevents huge repair bills or the need to purchase a replacement.

If you own more than one vehicle, this is another area where you can cut spending. Two cars are more expensive than one for many reasons, but the largest is insurance. Getting rid of an extra vehicle can save you thousands in the long term.

Audit Subscriptions

Taking a close look at the subscriptions we opt into can be a huge help to spending cuts. Over time, small monthly payments to services like Spotify, Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix add up. Audit all your subscriptions and see which ones you actually make good use of. Did you watch one episode of a show on Netflix in the past month? If so, it might be worth dropping the service if you’re not getting your money’s worth.