A rather interesting part of being newlyweds that no one warns you about is money. Now that you’re newlywed, you’ve committed to each other and your financial habits. As you continue to build a life together, money is going to play into anything you do. In order to be prepared, here is a list of a few things you can do to make an uncomfortable situation, comfortable.


Just like everything else in your relationship, communication is key. This rings true post-wedding finance discussions too. Be open and honest with each other about your spending habits and how each of you want to handle the money. You’ll never know what your better half wants out of your finances together if it’s not communicated.

Build an Emergency Fund Together

Double the people, double the cost. Start build an emergency fund together to help either of you in case of a financial emergency. This way, if you both are contributing, there will be no resentment once someone hits a stroke of bad luck. Get to work right away, you never know when an emergency will strike

Work Together

You’re officially on the same team now, so act like it. Work together to save, make better financial decisions, and sticking to a budget. All of these things take a ton of work on their own, but you’re lucky enough to have some help.

Discuss Goals

Talk early and often about financial goals. Once they are clearly established, make a plan to see them through. Discussing financial goals will also give you both something to proactively work towards. Pick a few long term goals and a handful of short-term goals. Long term goals are things like retiring financially independent. Short term goals can be getting out of credit card debt in the next year. No matter what your goals are, help each other achieve them.


Budgeting together is a great way to reinforce goals, discuss spending habits, and make sure you’re able to pay all bills each month. It’s not the most fun thing you’ll do, but it’s important. A budget will keep you both in line and help save money for your collective next steps.

Approach Disagreements with Love

This last point should be applied to every aspect of your marriage. For the sake of this blog, we will be talking about finances. There will be disagreements about money, like someone spends too much, a purchase was not discussed ahead of time, or it feels like there’s a power struggle over money. No matter what the case may be or how jarring the disagreement is, approach the conversation with love and understanding. Money is a difficult topic and can lead to nasty fights. Keep things civil by discussing the issues with your partner and make a commitment to working on a solution.